Båt- och grannsamverkan i Torreby

Båt- och grannsamverkan i Torreby

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Along the west coast we find the idyllic location of Torreby in Munkedal municipality. The stately castle overlooks the golf course and leads down to the water boasts a magnificent 19th-century sauna, which still has an active swimming club.

We had a chat with Gunnar to hear their experience and how they use Safeland for their local safety.

Hello Gunnar, tell me about Torreby and you’re neighboring.
“As in many other places, things happen even in Torreby. Events that we should keep under review, and we already have good cohesion in Torreby, so this with neighboring cooperation would be great for us. I thought that “we’re just running this way,” but that was not easy and the procedure certainly took a year to get started in a traditional neighborhood collaboration. There were policemen who were going to vacation and in the municipality there was a new person who had not worked closely with the neighboring community earlier, so it took time to decide on meeting and get started with all the work.

And the digital collaboration with Safeland?
“We started it after we had been stuck with the traditional procedure for neighboring cooperation, and perhaps we would turn to the procedure when it was relatively quick and painless to get started. We invited about 100 to the group and some over 50 have joined. Unfortunately, our Norwegian friends could not join, but hope we will be possible in the future. It’s too far away from the police or security guard so only we can help you initially.

How have you organized yourself?
-We have not made a difference in boat or neighboring cooperation, but use the same group in Safeland for both home and boat club.

Have you participated in the Police’s Boat Cooperation?
“Yes, we have a good chairman, so we are in the boat team. It is signposted and clear and everything. With the help of an editing police named Thomas (Andersson from Boatsamverkan Vest, red notice), Thomas started working out and met the members. In the past, a couple of engines were stolen each year, but after the police last year a league, we have, pepper pepper, had no stolen boat ever since. The thieves are otherwise incredibly naughty and steal from boat companies with proper fences and everything. They are really professional in their working methods if you can say so.

Would you recommend Safeland and Boatwork to other boat clubs?
-Självfallet! And with information material available, it should be easy to get started.

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