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Frequently asked questions

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About the digital tool

1How do I use Safeland?
Firstly, welcome! If you need a bit of a helpful nudge to get you started using Safeland, check out our Get Started Guide.
2How is Safeland different to Facebook?
There are some similarities between the two, but many differences. You can read more here.
3What platforms is Safeland available on?
Safeland is currently available on iOS (iPhones and iPads) and Android devices. We also have a scaled down version of the app available online, if you prefer to use your computer. This online version is mobile friendly for Windows and Blackberry phones.
4Will Safeland always be free?

Yes. The app that you download will always be free. We believe everyone should be able to participate using Safeland and that a price cannot be put on personal safety.

That being said, we also offer optional add-on features that people may choose to purchase at a cost. These are things like the ability to connect a unique home alarm system to the app directly.

5How much mobile data does Safeland use?
It is difficult to pinpoint exactly how much data the app will use. Many of our most frequent users have a monthly data usage of less than 20 MB in Safeland. Things like uploading many hi resolution pictures to events will increase your data usage.
6Will Safeland drain my phone battery?

Not a great deal!

Safeland does continuously work in the background to keep an eye on events near you, no matter where you are, and to ensure your notifications are instantaneous. However, we know battery consumption is of great concern to today's users, which is why our engineers worked hard to minimise the impact on your phone's battery.

7How do I update the Safeland app?

Your phone can either be set to update apps automatically or manually. We recommend that you enable automatic updates. That way, Safeland will be updated automatically when a new version is available without you having to do anything.

How to enable automatic updates of apps:

If you'd like to continue manually updating your apps, you can open App Store or Google Play, find Safeland and update the app.

Integrity and safety

1What is done with my personal information in Safeland?

The information you use to register with Safeland is stored within our secure server. We will never pass or sell your information on to a third party.

We do aggregate data and analyse trends in order to keep developing Safeland. This information can be interesting and provide valuable insight in how to further enhance community safety, so it may be shared with relevant parties or shared back to our users. This data will always be general and never user specific.

Take a look at our privacy policy and terms.

2How secure is Safeland?

Security and privacy is incredibly important to Safeland. Our technology follows policies in-line with systems processing sensitive data.

  • Protect Information - All non-public information requires authentication with username / password or Facebook login based on OAuth and access tokens.
  • Limiting information - We do not save unnecessary data and we ensure the data saved is only needed to create an attractive and secure service for our users.
  • Encrypting information - All communication within Safelands servers are protected by SSL to ensure server authenticity and prevent tampering and hacking. In addition to this, encrypted sensitive information on the disk is only accessible by authorised Safeland personnel.
  • Traceability - If anyone does attempt to access non-public information, this attempt can be logged and tracked to find the person responsible. No private information is stored in these logs
  • Internal limitation - only internal authorised people can have access to Safeland servers.
3How is my location used? Can other users see where I am?
In order for Safeland to work effectively, it needs to know where you are located to show events and incidents nearby and most relevant to you. Safeland does not show your location to any other user, except for when you actively choose to share that information, such as activating your personal safety alarm.
4What other information on my device does Safeland require access to?

We place user integrity and privacy of the utmost importance at Safeland. Like most apps, Safeland app does require access to a few areas of your device in order to maximise its effectiveness in keeping you and your community safe:

  • As mentioned above, Safeland requires access to your location in order to place you on the Safeland map and find events nearby to you.
  • Safeland requires the ability to send you push notifications in order to alert you to surrounding events that could affect you.
  • Safeland requires access to your audio in order to activate the Personal Safety Alarm timer.
  • Safeland will require access to your gallery and/or camera if you wanted to add a picture to your event or profile.

Users with iOS devices will receive pop-ups asking for permission for all of these allowances.

5Why do I need to provide my real name in Safeland?
Our Code of Conduct encourages users to always be honest within Safeland. We believe this should spread to the use of your name. We find that people using their real names tends to create a higher user credibility and, in turn, increases the integrity of content provided in the app,, maximising user experiences. It's also for a safety measure - if you're in trouble, emergency services need to know who it is that needs help.
6How does Safeland prevent vigilante behaviour?
Safeland does not condone or support vigilante behaviour, as is pointed out in our Code of Conduct. All users must comply with our Code of Conduct when using Safeland, in order to create a supportive and proactive culture when community members are passionate about enhancing their community's preservation. We have implemented ways that users can flag inappropriate behaviours or activity and we will take action in these matters where appropriate.
7Will I get help in case of an emergency?
We certainly hope so! Safeland's aim is to encourage users to look out for each other in times of need, but it is important to remember that Safeland is not an emergency service - it is a tool. We always recommend calling emergency telephone numbers if you are in immediate danger.
8Should I post on Safeland or call the emergency telephone number?
Safeland does not replace emergency telephone numbers in a case of imminent threat to yourself or someone else. Always call emergency telephone numbers first.

About the company

1What does Safeland mean?

‘Safeland’ captures who we are and our mission. ‘Safeland’ is for everyone, whether they are police, Neighbourhood Watch, council or a resident.

‘Safeland’ is also more than just a name, it’s a common goal to achieve together - a land that is safe.

2Who runs Safeland?
Safeland is developed by a small startup company called United Eyes AB. It is headed by CEO Per Källgården and based in Stockholm, Sweden.
3How do I contact Safeland?
Check out our contact page - we'd love to hear from you!
4How is Safeland financed?
Safeland is still a baby - we launched our Swedish app in March 2015. As a new startup, we are still quite reliant on investor support to keep our business running, and to ensure the app remains free to all users.
5How does Safeland make money?
While the Safeland app is free, we are in the process of unveiling some exciting add-on technology that can connect various home alarm systems directly into the Safeland app. This will literally allow your house or a connected neighbours' house to 'talk' to you through the Safeland app. These are optional add-ons to the free Safeland app, and will be at a cost to the consumer, should they choose to have it.