Safeland and your personal safety

Help is only a tap away

“It's so easy using the Safeland Personal Safety Alarm while walking home from the train station after work. My girlfriends and I have a group that we use to make sure we all get back safely”

Anne, 31

Safeland user

Set your timer

Perfect for walks home

The Personal Safety Alarm can be set to a timer which will trigger an alarm if the timer lapses. This is perfect for lone walks, bicycle rides, cab journeys or when friends separate to head home late at night. You can add easily add more minutes to your timer, if necessary.

Feeling nervous?

Send your alarm out instantly

The Personal Safety Alarm can be triggered manually at any stage during the timer count down. A push notification will be sent to your selected group members advising them of your specific location and that you need immediate assistance.

Who receives your alert?

Family, friends or fellow users.

When setting your Personal Safety Alarm, you can choose who will receive your alarm, should it be triggered. You can alert select groups, such as friends or family, or you can alert any nearby public Safeland user in the area.

Safe and sound

No need to raise the alarm

Once you've safely arrived at your destination, or no longer feel at risk, you can cancel the Personal Safety Alarm with the tap of a button.

Download the free safety app

Get Safeland on your smartphone for realtime collaboration

Safeland is free for private users and available on iOS and Android devices. Click the buttons below.

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