Organisations in Safeland

Your community’s lineup for safety and security

Communities are already full of supportive organisations ready to contribute to a safer society.

Now your organisation will have great ways of reaching out, responding to and interacting with residents and other organisations in your local area.


How your organisation will be seen and heard

Your zone

You can select what area (“zone”) your organisation covers. Whenever a user is in or near your zone, they will be able to discover your organisation as an active resource in the area.

Your profile

Your organisation can have its own profile page where you can tell users what your organisation does, your values and your contact details.

Your representatives

Organisations can be made up of multiple Safeland users - or ‘team members’.

A badge of your logo will be pinned to every team member and your organisation will be part of these individual users' profiles.

Badges have an enormous impact on how individual users are perceived in the community. Badged users are seen as trustworthy members of society and their behaviour can have a positive effect on your organisation's integrity.


How your organisation can be contacted

Your organisation can receive direct reporting from users, if you choose. Unlike collaborative groups, direct reporting is private communication between a Safeland user and your organisation.

Organisations choose what kind of matters will be reported directly to them (urgent, non-urgent) and customise the policies for each method.

All team members will be notified of a direct report and have the ability to respond on behalf of your organisation. Reports can be marked ‘completed’ by team members and are stored.

Get your organisation in Safeland

Be part of your local line-up

Safeland Organisations is vailable now for £90 paid annually*

We’re thrilled you want to get involved and present your organisation in a digital environment powered by communities. Provide your details below and a member of Team Safeland will get in touch to help get your unique organisation presented within Safeland.

* For non-profit initiatives/organisations. The cost may vary for government/commercial organisations, based on type and size of business. Contact us for a quote.

Any questions?

Visit our Organisations FAQ page