How Safeland works

A guided tour...

Safeland is a specially designed digital environment where you and your community can collaborate on a local level. Safeland empowers community members to support each other, solve local issues and work together to combat crime.

You can use the free Safeland app on iOS and Android devices or on your computer via app.safe.land

How Safeland works

The features

Instantly see and share local information on an interactive map

At a glance, you can see what activity is going on around you via pins that have been placed on the map.

The pins on the map are called ‘events’ and anyone can post one

Events are not designed to be social or silly, they are designed to inform fellow Safeland users of local information that may affect them. Discussions surrounding these events should be supportive, helpful, strategic or problem-solving.

Events can be about a variety of things that affect the local community

Collaborate by acknowledging an event, discussing it, or by sharing the event to other digital platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp and email. You may even wish to become actively involved in a situation, if appropriate.

Customise your events, by selecting who can see it - certain groups or the public.

Communication in Safeland is in real time, capturing ground-level intelligence immediately. Safeland also features a personal safety alarm that alerts other users when triggered.

Continue to discuss local issues by creating and joining groups in Safeland.

How do I start with Safeland?

  • First, download the Safeland app onto your device - or visit app.safe.land
  • Register by entering an email address and username
  • Verify your email address by clicking the link in the email we send you (check your junk mail!)
  • Head back to the Safeland app or webpage, log in and have a look around your local area on the map.

Get to know the environment

  • Look at some events near you and around the UK. Have a go at ‘acknowledging’ one.
  • Why not look for some local groups to join? Your local Neighbourhood Watch may already have one. Hit ‘Groups’ and the ‘+’ to browse the groups. You can create one for your closest neighbours and family.
  • Be active in your digital community and remember to post events of local incidents and take part in group discussions.