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Stop burglaries together faster, by connecting your home alarm to your community

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"This tool allows police to have a presence in a digital environment that is safe and accessible to anyone. We really look forward to see how it enhances our engagement with the community.”

PC Kat Johnson

Met Police

A safety app for everyone
Safeland connects you to your neighbourhood, where everybody can work together to prevent local crime. Effective community safety is a local team effort!
Safeland Connect Homes
Stopping burglaries together faster
With Safeland you can connect your home alarm to most trusted neighbours who will be notified immediately when your alarm goes off.

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“We hope it enhances communication between members, but also encourages younger members of the borough to play more of an active role in Neighbourhood Watch.”

Marcus Suitor

Southwark NHW Secretary, London

Local organisations belong in Safeland
Communities are already full of supportive organisations ready to contribute to a safer society. Now organisations have great ways of reaching out, responding to and interacting with residents in their local area.

"It’s made us a more active community, rather than just expecting the police to be aware of every issue. Now we have a relationship with them.”


Resident, London

October 19, 2018
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