Engage your community

The magic happens when a number of neighbours work together

Now that you’ve become more comfortable with the Safeland app, the next step is involving more people in your neighbourhood - it’s so easy to do!

The effect of Safeland is truly astonishing

The magic of collaboration occurs when many people from your area are involved - even those you haven’t met in person before.

For example: A burglary in an area prompts a Safeland user to post a public event alerting everyone to keep watch and lock valuables away. Neighbours who may not yet know each other are brought together through collaboration.

Start with your own patch

Identify what groups already exist in your area

Take a look in the app and join a group if the group can benefit from your involvement.

It's advisable that neighbourhoods have a public Safeland group to encourage new users to get involved. Join yours and invite your fellow neighbours to it. If there isn’t a public group for your area, create it!

Keep in mind that even smaller groups can be a powerful force in Safeland, particularly if you already share a common interest:

Family members, mothers clubs, friendship circles

These close-knit networks can be a group used to receive personal safety alarm triggers if anyone in the group is walking home or feeling vulnerable.

Apartment block residents, streets, neighbourhoods

These groups can help prevent burglaries, anti-social behaviour or vandalism by alerting each other of any suspicious activity in the area.

Civilian patrol groups

Neighbours can collectively patrol if there have been burglaries in the area and use Safeland to organise themselves and involve local police.

Parental supervision and support

In cases that involve destructive youths, it’s easy and often more effective for a group of parents to gather and create a positive adult presence.

Missing people

Together, communities can help find a vulnerable person who has gone missing.

Recreation groups can protect their equipment

Bicycle groups or boating clubs can alert each other when equipment has been lost, stolen or damaged or conditions have changed.

Reach out to other organisations

Once local uptake starts to grow, get in touch with more local organisations who could be a positive presence in Safeland, for example: local churches, schools, local police, the council or neighbourhood watch. Invite them to be a part of a new and proven approach to community engagement. See Organisations in Safeland.

Imagine how supportive your neighbourhood would be if all important resources were communicating together in the one digital environment!

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