Connect your home alarm to your neighbours
Stopping burglaries together - faster!
Most burglaries take around 8 minutes...
These days, police and security cannot make it to home burglaries on time.
Effective home security needs to be a local team effort. Through Safeland Connect Homes, you and your neighbours can stop burglaries together - faster.
Ground breaking technology for human nature
It’s in our nature to want to help our neighbours.
Now, this human nature is digitalised, placing your home in the collective hands of your most trusted neighbours.

Connect Homes is UK's first fully collaborative system for home security!

It's easy to get started.
Here's how it works.
Alarms compatible with Safeland:
At just £4.90 a month or £49 a year - but first, try it free for 30 days!
ERA Homeguard
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ERA Invincible
Learn more
ERA Vault
Learn more
ERA Garrison
Learn more
Netgear Arlo
Learn more
Nest Protect (Fire alarm)
Learn more
Nest Secure (Home alarm)
Learn more
Netatmo Presence Outdoor
Learn more
Netatmo Welcome (indoor)
Learn more
Home8 Alarm
Learn more
Don't have an alarm?
See which alarms we work with and how to buy one
"The app has not only been good at creating a community in Newton Leys, but we have also been able to help with a few incidents of anti-social behaviour and thefts, by being able to pass more information onto police”

Ben Dimmock

NHW Coordinator & Police Sgt, Newton Leys


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