Safeland Connect Homes

Frequently Asked Questions

Safeland Connect Homes FAQ

1Do my neighbours also need to purchase Safeland Connect Homes to help with my home alarm?
No. Your neighbours simply need to download the Safeland app, which is free, to work with your alarm. If they also want to enhance their own home alarms, they can buy Safeland Connect Homes.
2Why should my neighbours be interested in joining Safeland?
Safeland is a fantastic free tool for local safety collaboration. It gets them involved in the security of the community and gives them access to community support, if needed. They will be kept updated on any issues in the area and can easily call for assistance. Communities that have large numbers of Safeland users often receive assistance within 2 minutes.
3What if my alarm sends a false alarm?
An alarm will always be forwarded to your Safeland home alarm group in Safeland. If it is a false alarm, you should let your alarm group know by commenting on the event in Safeland and then marking it as ‘complete’.
4I already have a home alarm but it is not supported by Safeland Connect Homes - what should I do?
We work with the most innovative smart alarm providers in the UK to give our users the best experience. We are always expanding our alarm partners, so your alarm may soon be one we integrate with. To find out, get in touch with us via info@safe.land and let us know what alarm you are currently using. You can also tip your existing alarm provider so they can get in touch with us directly.
5I have a Safeland Connect Homes subscription - how can I show burglars that my alarm is connected to my neighbourhood?
As a Safeland Connect Homes subscriber, you can order crime deterrent stickers - free! They’re great for windows, doors and outside walls to deter criminals. Your welcome email explains how to order them, at no cost.
6Can I change who receives my alarm?
Yes. You can edit who receives your alarm whenever you like, using App Safeland.
7I have to move home - what do I do?
No problem. You will simply need to update your alarm location and address. You can do this any time here.
8I have a Connect Homes subscription but I have now changed alarms - what do I do?
If your new alarm is compatible with Safeland Connect Homes, you will simply need to log into your account at app.safe.land and edit the ‘Configure’ part of your alarm set up, specifying your new alarm and any unique settings.
9There are a few of us in my neighbourhood who want to get alarms - can we get a group discount?
We’re more than happy to support neighbourhoods doing group purchases. Send us an email at info@safe.land, telling us a little about your group and we can get the best deal for you.